Creating a Niche for Your Young Professional Donors

      As the second most charitable city in the nation, Houston young professionals have a variety of organizations to get involved with. How can you sustainably engage young professionals with your mission and build young leadership? Get your questions answered by YP volunteers and staff liaisons.

      "As the moderator of the “Young Professionals” session, I look forward to cultivating conversations of YP groups successes and challenges. As a founding member of Women of Wardrobe and a part of various YP groups for the past 15 years, I am excited to share and learn about what the future of YP groups may look like in our community." - Lauren Levicki Courville, Vice President, Dress for Success Houston

      "Houston is a booming city with an abundance of job opportunities for young professionals. It was apparent that the American Cancer Society had an untapped opportunity to engage our young professionals in a more cohesive way. ACS brought together event volunteers, community partners, and companies to form Houston FIGHT, a Young Professionals group to fight back against cancer." -  Lindsay McElwee, Senior Market Manager, Community Engagement, American Cancer Society

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