Navigating Change: Easier Said than Done

      Change is inevitable, especially for a profession that provides a path towards social transformation. Whether dealing with a staff transition, lack of board engagement, the organization shift from fundraising to a culture of philanthropy, or a personal career move, navigating change is a challenge. Simply reacting as it comes is not enough. When ADKAR® (awareness, desire, knowledge, ability, reinforcement) is present, successful change happens. In this session you will learn ways to facilitate individual change by applying this methodology.

      "I have watched so many change efforts, personal or professional, fail because the rigor used to make the change was never applied to helping individuals through that change. Without adoption you lack benefits realization - whether it’s hitting a fundraising goal, or addressing a need in the community." - Rosemarie Philip, Change Management and Leadership Development Consultant, Philip Consulting, LLC

      Community Room C